Bogus Basin is YOUR summer and winter playground. Located just 16.5 miles from Idaho's capital city, the non-profit, recreation area is virtually in your backyard. What is a Superior Summer? During the next several months, we will replace the 1960s era Superior chairlift with a $5-million, high-speed, detachable quad chairlift. Bogus Basin is asking skiers, riders and anyone else who benefits from our "quality of life" to contribute to the ride.

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The museum houses extensive archives of mainly Canyon County photos, newspaper clipping, books, etc., for research purposes. Researchers are asked to schedule an appointment so that adequate staff is available to assist them in their search. Mail and email inquiries are also welcome.

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Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, founded by President Theodore Roosevelt on February 25, 1909, is one of the oldest refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS). The NWRS now includes 550 refuges and celebrated its in March of 2003. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the System preserves a network of lands and waters set aside for the conservation and management of the nation's fish, wildlife, and plant resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

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Lake Lowell, near Nampa, is the site of 11,000-acre Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge. The Lake Lowell sector is a great birding spot with over 200 recorded species. Spectacular concentrations of birds can be seen on the lake during peak migration periods. Shorebirds occur in large numbers in August when low water levels expose mudflats. Waterfowl occur in large numbers in fall and winter. The lake is closed to boating Oct 1 through Apr 14.

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The Warhawk Air Museum is a not for profit organization funded entirely by individual donations and private foundations. The mission of the museum is to teach and preserve America’s history during times of war from the home front to the war front and aviation history from the advent of flight through the space age. The Warhawk Air Museum encourages an educational experience about the technology, culture, and social changes that have occurred in North America during times of war.

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Wilson Ponds are a good birding area within the city of Nampa, near the regional office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. During winter, 15 species of waterfowl can be seen, including Gadwall, Ring-necked Duck, and Lesser Scaup. Spring finds migrating songbirds and during fall migration, Green-winged and Cinnamon Teal, and Wood Duck can usually be found.

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This open-air museum is situated inside Caldwell Memorial Park and provides visitors with insight into agricultural history. The museum features a variety of antique farm machinery, two 1864 pioneer log cabins complete with period furnishings, and a pair of 1950s railroad cars as the railroad was integral in shipping goods produced on Western farms. The facility is open by appointment only, and interested visitors should call for additional information.

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Welcome to Luby Park, located on the corner of Illinois Street and Marble Front Road. The park is 12 acres and includes playground equipment, three (3) tennis courts, Rose Garden, picnic tables, restrooms, drinking fountain, one (1) sand volleyball court, two (2) basketball half courts, a lighted baseball field (fence 315’), and a gazebo style shelter available for reservations.

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